A valuable factor in IOM's good standing among Member States and donors is its careful stewardship of entrusted funds. As IOM continues to grow in response to global migration challenges, its procurement needs grow as well.

This website, alongside global procurement notices, provides information on opportunities for vendors and service providers.

Current Notices

Notice Published Date Closing Date
BCP letter to Vendors (Arabic, French, English)    
RFQ LY22-398 For Construction works at IOM office in Hay Alndlous office  28/11/2022 19/12/2022
RFQ LY22-395 Provision of Ambulance Services in Libya_ (002) 28/11/2022 10/12/2022
RFQ LY22-396 Supply and Installation of VHR Prefabs at the CTG Building (Benghazi) 27/11/2022 03/12/2022
RFQ LY22-393 Provision of Drilling water well in Yssiyen in Ghat City 24/11/2022 15/12/2022
RFQ LY22-390 provision and Installation of 66 KVa Generator and Generator House for Ysseyen BCP ‐ Ghat 16/11/2022 04/12/2022
RFQ_LY22-383 Provision of Medications for Zuwara and Bani Walid Medical teams. 09/11/2022 16/11/2022
RFQ LY22-377 Provision of International Migrants Day Workshop 14‐15 Dec ‐ AL Kufra 02/11/2022 15/11/2022
RFQ LY22-370 Rehabilitation works  of MOIs General  Administration of Training in Benghazi 02/11/2022 14/11/2022
RFQ LY22-365 TVET workshop (2 days workshop 30th an 31st Oct) 23/10/2022 26/10/2022
RFQ LY22-244 IT Supplies for IOM Tripoli Office 18/10/2022 26/10/2022
RFQ LY22-346 Provision of a Dead Body Management Manual 18/10/2022 19/10/2022
RFQ LY22-348-supply and installation of urgent items for the Bangladesh school in Tripoli, Libya 06/10/2022 13/10/2022
RFQ LY22-346 Provision of a Dead Body Management Manual tailored to the Libyan Context and training curriculum for DBM on SAR/SARD activities. 03/10/2022 13/10/2022
RFQ LY22-344_Furniture & Equipment for Social Hall in Sabha 30/09/2022 11/10/2022
RFQ LY22-339 Delivery and supply Laptop for IOM 26/09/2022 03/10/2022
RFQ-LY22-259 Abusitta DP Wash Rehab 20/09/2022 27/09/2022
RFQ LY22-326 Provision of IT Skills training East (Basic and Advanced) 18/09/2022 25/09/2022
RFQ_LY22-328 Medicines, medical supplies and equipment. 18/09/2022 02/10/2022
LY22-322 Call for Expression of Interest_ENGLISH 15/09/2022 06/11/2022

RFQ LY22-323 Provision of office equipment and furniture to Alheleesy school in Benghazi

13/09/2022 27/09/2022
Ext- RFQ LY22-305- Final external evaluation of the EUTF II project “Protecting vulnerable migrants and stabilizing communities in Libya – Phase II” 14/09/2022 23/09/2022
RFQ LY22-305- Final external evaluation of the EUTF II project “Protecting vulnerable migrants and stabilizing communities in Libya – Phase II” 31/08/2022 16/09/2022
Invitation to Bid - LY22-285 Supply and Delivery of Food kit on LTA Basis 21/08/2022 15/09/2022

Closed Notices

RFQ LY22-294 Billboards rental Ejdabia (extension) 01/09/2022 08/09/2022
Invitation to Bid - LY22-285 Supply and Delivery of Food kit on LTA Basis 21/08/2022 15/09/2022
RFQ LY 22-296  Request for Quotation for Supply and installation of the Xray Machine in  IOM Hay Al Kuwait office in Tripoli 17/08/2022 30/08/2022
RFQ LY22-294 Billboards rental Ejdabia 17/08/2022 24/08/2022
RFQ_LY22-293 Uniform for IOM Guards 17/08/2022 28/08/2022
RFQ LY22-283_Rehabilitation works for Alhekma Sports Club -Qatrun Municipality 08/08/2022 31/08/2022
RFQ-LY22-182- Provision of Sports equipment for Alhekma Cub in Qatrun 08/08/2022 23/08/2022
RFQ LY22-273 Enhancing the capacity of LCG and GACS staff on providing lifesaving assistance MENA (Extension) 24/07/2022 07/08/2022
RFP_LY22-265 Request for Proposal for addressing Electricity challenges in Hay Al Kuwait offices  01/08/2022 14/08/2022
RFP_LY22-264 Request for Proposal for Medical referrals for Various  locations in Libya 01/08/2022 21/08/2022
RFQ LY22-277 Provision of Protective equipment for LRC's dead body management team in the middle sector 26/07/2022 02/08/2022
RFQ LY22-271 for Rehabilitation of WASH facilities and construction of handwash stations in health facilities in  Ajdabiya 24/07/2022 03/08/2022
ITB LY22-253 Pharmaceutical Items LTA 17/07/2022 10/08/2022
RFQ LY22-261 for the provision of DBM and First Aid training for Libyan Authorities at Al Bayda 17/07/2022 26/07/2022
RFQ-LY22-259 Abusitta DP Wash Rehab 17/07/2022 31/07/2022
RFQ LY22-258 Tariq Almatar DC WASH rehab 17/07/2022 31/07/2022
RFQ_LY22-257_Rapid test 13/07/2022 20/07/2022
RFQ LY22-256 Provision of equipment to Qasr Massoud PHCU in Qatroun 13/07/2022 27/07/2022
RFQ LY22-252 Supply of Equipment for Donation 06/07/2022 15/07/2022
RFQ LY22-243 for Construction of 10 fire hydrants to 10 wells in Sabha 28/06/2022 13/07/2022
RFQ LY22-242  for Provision of furniture and office equipment to the administrative control office in Qatroun 28/06/2022 14/07/2022
RFQ LY22-241 Provision of ACs to Almanar school in Kufra 26/06/2022 10/07/2022
RFQ LY22-240 Provision of ACs to Almanar school in Kufra 26/06/2022 10/07/2022
RFQ LY22-239 For Provision of Generator to Tejerhi Primary health care unit‐Qatroun  23/06/2022 13/07/2022
RFQ LY223-238 for supply and install a power generator at IOM office-Hay Alndlous 23/06/2022 10/07/2022
RFQ_LY22-236  Medical supplies to support the vaccination campaigns (33 locations) 21/06/2022 29/06/2022
RFQ LY22-233 Provision of ICT Requirements 20/06/2022 26/06/2022
RFP LY22-175_Services needed for Woman Salon in Sabha 15/06/2022 29/06/2022
RFQ LY22-209 provision of goods for Women Salon in Qatroun 12/06/2022 22/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-208 -_provision of goods for Tabu Women Salon in Kufra. 12/06/2022 22/06/2022
RFQ LY22-179 provision of  goods for Arab Women Salon in Kufra 12/06/2022 22/06/2022
RFQ LY22-227 Sea Search and Rescue Equipment 12/06/2022 20/06/2022
RFQ LY22-228 71 Billboards rental across Libya 12/06/2022 19/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-219 Training and Services First Aid, Psychological first Aid, Pre/Post-Partum for GACS Female Staff 07/06/2022 12/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-190 IOM back gate repairs 07/06/2022 22/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-218 Printing visibility for IOM office 07/06/2022 21/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-216 Printing of booklets 07/06/2022 13/06/2022
RFQ LY22-215-WASH and Rehab works at Mesfat Zawia 07/06/2022 07/23/2022
RFQ LY22-212 WASH Rehabilitation works at Mersa Della Disembarkation Point 07/06/2022 19/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-211 for Supply and Installation of Power Generator Mersa Della DP 07/06/2022 19/06/2022
RFP_LY22-203_External Evaluation_EUTF Phase II 31/05/2022 14/06/2022
RFQ LY22-206 -WASH Rehabilitation works at Mersa Della DP  31/05/2022 16/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-202 LMG Training Round (3) Benghazi 29/05/2022 05/06/2022
RFQ LY22-196 Rehabilitation work at Qarabulli DP 26/05/2022 10/06/2022
RFQ LY22-195 Adminstration bulding Qarabulli DP 26/05/2022 10/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-193 3500 PPE kits 26/05/2022 08/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-191 LMG Training Round (4) Tripoli 25/05/2022 29/05/2022
RFP_LY22_182 - Generator Repair Training-Sabha & Qatrun 23/05/2022 10/06/2022
RFQ LY22-157 Rehab Main Port -Prefab 20/05/2022 06/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-176 WASH Tobruk DC 18/05/2022 01/06/2022
RFQ_LY22-177 Ain Zara WASH 18/05/2022 05/06/2022
RFP_LY22_180_External Evaluation 17/05/2022 24/05/2022
RFQ_LY22-184 GBV case management training in Tripoli 17/05/2022 22/05/2022
RFQ_LY22-178  Additional Furniture Needs (Protection/VHR and MHD) 13/05/2022 19/05/2022
RFP LY22-173 Fumigation, disinfection, removing garbage & Discharge of septic tanks 10/05/2022 17/05/2022
RFQ_LY22-170 Additional Furniture Needs (Protection/VHR and MHD). 08/05/2022 18/05/2022
RFQ_ LY22-168 Medical Equipment 08/05/2022 22/05/2022
LY22-128 ITB for IT Equipment and Supplies LTA 06/05/2022 28/05/2022
RFQ LY22-165 Arrangements of training for surveillance officers and RRT 21-23 May in Benghazi 04/05/2022 18/05/2022
RFQ LY22-164 Arrangements of training for surveillance officers and RRT 24-26 May in Benghazi 04/05/2022 18/05/2022
RFQ_LY22-163 Kufra Environmental Improvement Activity-Delivery to two different locations 04/05/2022 18/05/2022
RFQ LY22-152 WASH Rehabilitation at Shahat DC 23/04/2022 19/05/2022
RFQ_LY22-153 Kufra Environmental Improvement Activity - Catering 22/04/2022 30/04/2022
RFP-LY22-149 - INTERNET SERVICE FOR SABHA & QATROUN 21/04/2022 20/05/2022
RFQ LY22-150 Purchasing services, beverages, snacks for distribution 19/04/2022 25/04/2022
RFQ_LY22-145 Medical supplies and Equipment to support Shahat Chest Hospital. 18/04/2022 29/04/2022
RFP_LY22-138 Feasibility Study 13/04/2022 27/04/2022
RFQ_LY22- 142 Provision of a generator to Garyounis overhead water tank in Benghazi 11/04/2022 26/04/2022
RFQ LY22-141 Non Food Items for Protection unit 11/04/2022 18/04/2022
RFQ LY22-139 Dead body Bags for Libyan stakeholders (East). 10/04/2022 24/04/2022
RFQ LY22-130 WASH rehabilitation work at Ganfouda DC 10/04/2022 26/04/2022
RFQ LY22-136 Construction of shade, protection structure, and concrete works to Garyounis water tank generator in Benghazi 10/04/2022 25/04/2022
RFQ LY22-135 English Language Course for 15 participants at Tripoli Elementary Level 10/04/2022 21/04/2022
RFQ_LY22-134 Medical supplies and Equipment for 5 Public Hospitals. 07/04/2022 21/04/2022
RFP LY22-132 English Language Course 06/04/2022 20/04/2022
RFP_LY22_131 French Training course in Tripoli 06/04/2022 20/04/2022
RFP LY22-133 French Language Course 06/04/2022 20/04/2022
RFQ_LY22-123_YESS Ramadan Multicultural Sports Tournament. 28/03/2022 31/03/2022
RFQ LY22-125 Provision of Medical Referral Services – Inpatient and Outpatient for 12 months in Multiple Location 25/03/2022 10/04/2022
RFP LY22-114 Internet Services for Tripoli Offices 24/03/2022 01/04/2022
RFQ_LY22-121 Supply of PPE's for the stakeholders involved in Dead Body Management/Disposal. 20/03/2022 30/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-116_Ops_IT equipment for the Embassy of Burkina Faso in Tripoli 16/03/2022 30/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-112_RFQ_Medical equipments for IBM  15/03/2022 29/03/2022
RFQLY22-072  (extension) for supply and installation of playground  equipment for AL Kufra Public garden  14/03/2022 22/03/2022
RFQ LY22_104_ Reading Competition Prizes 11/03/2022 18/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-110 Supply of Anti scabies medications for DCs and Communities Scabies outbreak. 10/03/2022 23/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-086: Supply and Delivery of NFI's - Protection 10/03/2022 17/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-102 for Develop ICT Platform for Migrant Worker Qualifications. 10/03/2022 24/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-106 Supply and delivery of Date Boxes 10/03/2022 24/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-105 Visibility items for IOM office 10/03/2022 13/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-103 Repairs & improvement of Tripoli Main Port prefabs 10/03/2022 16/03/2022
RFP LY22-088 _ Training on generator repair and maintenance-Benghazi & Ajdabiya 10/03/2022 20/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-101 Supply of Rapid tests for COVID -19. 08/03/2022 23/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-097 Capacity building training for surveillance officers and RRT 08/03/2022 12/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-096 Capacity building training on early warning alert and response system 07/03/2022 15/03/2022
RFQ LY22-087 Delivery and supply of Family Food Baskets 02/03/2022 07/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-LY22-048 (Extention) CTG Office Benghazi security requirements 28/02/2022 03/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-077 LMG Training Round (2) Benghazi 25/02/2022 04/03/2022
RFQ LY22-073 Construction of prefab medical storage for MHD in Benghazi office 23/02/2022 10/03/2022
RFP LY22 071 French Language Course (Tripoli) 22/02/2022 25/02/2022
RFQLY22-072 for supply and installation of playground  equipment for AL Kufra Public garden  23/02/2022 09/03/2022
RFQ LY22-074 IT Skills Training for 20 Libyan authorities at Benghazi for Basic & Advance level. 23/02/2022 01/03/2022
RFQ_LY22-069 Ambulance Services Rental - Ajdabiya 21/02/2022 24/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-067 Printing booklet 21/02/2022 28/02/2022
LY22-019 LTA for PPE and Medical Items 25/01/2022 15/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-061_Library Equipment for Ubari Reading Competition 15/02/2022 17/02/2022
RFP LY22 060 for Safety Assessment at Tripoli Main Port 14/02/2022 26/02/2022
RFP LY22-033 English Training 10/02/2022 19/02/2022
RFQ LY22-054_CTG Office Benghazi security requirements 09/02/2022 14/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-053 Constructing canopies for schools in Kufra 09/02/2022 22/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-LY22-048 CTG Office Benghazi security requirements 06/02/2022 10/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-042 Library equipment list for reading competition Kufra 04/02/2022 09/02/2022
RFQ LY22-022(Ext) till 09 Feb,22  for purchases school books -Ubari and Kufra 04/02/2022 09/02/2022
LY22-035 - REOI - Development of Web-based LMIS system in Libya (Phase Two) 03/02/2022 17/02/2022
RFQ LY22-036 - With GIS-Prizes  for Reading Competition 01/02/2022 09/02/2022
RFQ LY22-037 Generator for Abu-Rashada DC-Ghyrian 31/01/2022 14/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-030 Sea Search and Rescue Equipment to be donated to Safety Authority East of Libya 30/01/2022 13/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-029 Sea Search and Rescue Equipment 30/01/2022 20/02/2022
RFQ_LY22-031 Provision of communication devices 29/01/2022 04/02/2022
RFP-LY22-024 LHD Preception Study 26/01/2022 08/02/2022
RFQ-LY22-028 PPE's for Libyan Authorities involved in SAR missions in West and East of Libya 26/01/2022 08/02/2022
RFQ LY22-022 for purchases school books -Ubari and Kufra 24/01/2022 02/02/2022
RFQ LY22-020 Dead body bags 23/01/2022 30/01/2022
RFQ LY21-22-017 Provision of Non Food Items for DAU 23/01/2022 31/01/2022
RFQ LY22-018 Furniture for Benghazi CTG Office 19/01/2022 29/01/2022
RFQ LY22-016 for  construction of CT scan Room in Ghat Hospital 17/01/2022 01/02/2022
RFQ LY22-013 for TVET Training Under LHD 16/01/2022 21/01/2022
RFP LY22-015 Transportation of Migrants LTA 15/01/2022 03/02/2022
RFQ LY22-014_Provision of Environmental Awareness and Community Beautification equipment 15/01/2022 21/01/2022
RFQ LY21-345 Conducting Labor Migration Governance training for the Libyan government 13/01/2022 17/01/2022
RFQ LY22-011 Medical supplies and equipment for Medical team in Zwara and Baniwaleed. 13/01/2022 27/01/2022
RFQ LY22-008 Medical equipment and PPEs for support to Isolation Centers. 13/01/2022 27/01/2022
RFP LY22-005 LTA for Events 11/01/2022 31/01/2022
RFQ LY22-010 Meals for migrants on VHR movements 11/01/2022 16/01/2022
RFQ LY21-328 (Extension) Provision of equipment to Alwehda Al-Arabiya school in Ubari 09/01/2022 16/01/2022
RFP LY22-006 Internet Services for Tripoli Offices 08/01/2022 16/01/2022
RFP LY22-004 Transportation of Goods and Custom Services LTA 08/01/2022 25/01/2022
RFQ LY22-002_Provision of Equipment for Qatrun Municipality 06/01/2022 19/01/2022
RFQ LY21-334 Provision of equipment and furniture to Alkhwebya School in Benghazi 29/12/2021 05/01/2022
RFQ LY21-306 (Extension) Call for Expression of Interest #Only for IPs# 27/12/2021 15/01/2022
RFQ LY21-350 Supply and Delivery of NFIs (Long Term Agreement) 27/12/2021 17/01/2022
RFQ LY21-343 Supply and delivery of Emergency Blankets 22/12/2021 28/12/2021
RFQ LY21-347 Supply and Delivery of NFI for MRRM Team 20/12/2021 28/12/2021
RFQ LY21-336 Provision of equipment to Ubari Education office. 18/12/2021 01/01/2022
RFQ LY21-345 Workshop for RRT teams from Tripoli and South 26-28 Dec 2021Radisson Blu is recommended. 17/12/2021 04/01/2022
RFQ LY21-342 Building the capacity of health care workers on Ewarn system and outbreak investigation and casue of Death 17/12/2021 22/12/2021
RFQ LY21-339 Supply and Delivery of Non-Food Items for MRRM 17/12/2021 22/12/2021
RFP LY21-337 Training to health workers on covid-19 preparedness and response in Benghazi 16/12/2021 26/12/2021
RFP LY21-338 Arrangements of training workshop 16/12/2021 26/12/2021
RFQ LY21-333 Fumigation, Disinfection and Cleaning services for 22 locations 16/12/2021 25/12/2021
RFQ_LY21-335 Medicines and medical supplies for operations of medical teams in Gatroun and Sebha 16/12/2021 30/12/2021
RFQ LY21-332 Environmental Awareness and Community Beautification Activity in Ajdabiya 16/12/2021 22/12/2021
RFQ LY21-330 Provision of office equipment to the Labor Office in Qatroun 16/12/2021 25/12/2021
RFQ LY21-331 Environmental Awareness and Community Beautification Activity in Benghazi 15/12/2021 25/12/2021
RFQ_LY21-325 Medical equipment and supplies for Zwara Hospital 12/12/2021 24/12/2021
RFQ_LY21-326 Medical equipment and supplies to Bani Waleed Hospital 12/12/2021 24/12/2021
RFQ_LY21-329 Medical furniture for Six isolation centers. 09/12/2021 15/12/2021
RFQ  LY21-328 Provision of equipment to Alwehda Al-Arabiya school in Ubari 11/12/2021 20/12/2021
LY21-321 Provision of communication devices 07/12/2021 12/12/2021
RFQ LY21-324 Printing of booklets for awareness raising on COVID-19 and vaccination 08/12/2021 12/12/2021
RFQ LY21-311 ITEMS for International Migrants Day Events in Benghazi 30/11/2021 09/12/2021
RFQ LY21-317 Medical Equipment to Support Detention Centre Clinics 05/12/2021 19/12/2021
RFQ LY21-316 PPEs for distribution in community in Ejdabya during RCCE 02/12/2021 12/12/2021
RFQ LY21-317 Medicines and Medical Equipment for 6 PHCs and mobile clinics  01/12/2021 16/12/2021
RFQ LY21-315 Provision of equipment to Tejerhi Municipality (Qatroun) 01/12/2021 15/12/2021
RFQ LY21-317 Medical equipment to support detention center clinics 05/12/2021 19/12/2021
RFQ LY21-283 Medical Equipment for Operations of Medical Team 01/12/2021 08/12/2021
RFQ_LY21-312 Supply and Delivery of NFI 30/11/2021 04/12/2021
RFQ LY21-304 Workshop on EWARN in Tripoli 23-25 Nov 2021 Radisson Blu Hotel 17/11/2021 20/11/2021
RFQ LY21-313 Provision of Equipment to Ubari Secondary School 01/12/2021 15/12/2021
RFQ LY21-309 Three days training for IOM-DTM enumerators and Libyan National Center for Disease Control employees on CBS and EWARN in Tripoli 30/11/2021 02/12/2021
RFP LY21-303 Fumigation, Disinfection and Cleaning services 24/11/2021 30-11-2021
RFQ LY21-305 E-Learning Course Production 23/11/2021 04/12/2021
RFQ LY21-306 Call for Expression of Interest -only for IPs-  19/11/2021 23/12/2021
RFQ_LY21-300 Medicines and medical supplies for medical operations in the east of Libya. 14/11/2021 24/11/2021
RFQ LY21-299 - Warehousing services in Benghazi  14/11/2021 20/12/2021
RFQ LY21-297 LTA_Provision of Internet Serivce for IOM CTG Benghazi Office 08/11/2021 25/11/2021
RFQ LY21-293 for Construction of Refurbishment of the (LBG) Libyan Border Guards Training Centre at Abusalim, Tripoli 08/11/2021 28/11/2021
RFQLY21-276 for Host Film Screenings  on Peacebuilding & Social Cohesion in Jan 22 26/10/2021 25/11/2021
RFP_LY21-294_Provision of Internet service for IOM Sabha & Qatrun offices 03/11/2021 14/11/2021
RFQ_LY21-292  Medical Supplies and furniture for support of isolation centers. 02/11/2021 15/11/2021
LY21-256 RFQ - Generator to Karga Water Well 01/11/2021 09/11/2021
RFQ_LY21-287 Provision of Snacks 29/10/2021 05/11/2021
RFQ LY21-282 PPE Kits to be distributed to migrants resident within DC's at West of Libya 27/10/2021 10/11/2021
RFQ LY21-284 Two days Disaster Risk Reduction workshop 27/10/2021 05/11/2021
RFQ_LY21-283 Medical equipment for operations of medical team 27/10/2021 10/11/2021
RFQ_LY21-278 Provide PPE Kits for the rescued Migrants upon disembarkation 25/10/2021 09/11/2021
RFQ LY21-277 Voltage Stabilizer for CTG Office – Benghazi, Libya 25/10/2021 02/11/2021
RFQ LY21-261 Generator for Hay Al Andalous IOM office 25/10/2021 09/11/2021
RFQ LY21-246 _with GIS_toolkits for Sabha participants of the livelihood support grant 25/10/2021 04/11/2021
RFQ LY21-268 Fumigation at DCs and DPs 21/10/2021 01/11/2021


Global Procurement Opportunities

IOM procures a wide range of goods, works and services. The Organization values companies that provide quality products and services, ensure their timely delivery and propose favorable post-delivery payment terms.

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