Published Date Closing Date Document
BCP letter to Vendors 04/13/2021 12/31/2021 PDF icon COVID-19 IOM BCP Letter to Vendors (Arabic-French-English)[1].pdf
RFQ LY21-152 - Provision of NFI for MRRM 06/10/2021 07/07/2021 PDF icon LY21-152.pdf, PDF icon Technical specs.pdf
RFQ_LY21-163 Arrangements for an Online Regional TOT training in Tripoli 06/22/2021 07/03/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-163.pdf
RFQ LY21-156 Supply and installation of Fire Extinguishers for 9 DCs in the East 06/15/2021 06/26/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-156.pdf
RFQ_LY21-164 2 days training MHPSS workshop in Tripoli 06/22/2021 06/26/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-164.pdf
RFQ LY21-166 - 4 workshops for LCG, DCIM and GACS in Benghazi 06/22/2021 06/26/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-166.pdf
RFQ LY21-155 Provision of equipment to Alnjeyla School in Benghazi 06/13/2021 06/25/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-155.pdf
LY21-158 (Provision of Summer clothing kit) - DA 06/16/2021 06/24/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-158.pdf, PDF icon Technical Specs - LY21-158.pdf
RFQ_LY21-148 _ Supply and Installation of 1 prefabricated isolation unit at Tarhouna Hospital 06/07/2021 06/21/2021 PDF icon LY21-148.pdf
RFQ-LY21-151_Equipment for Sabha Public Theatre 06/16/2021 06/21/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-151 - DEADLINE EXTENSION.pdf
RFQ_LY21-146 Medicines for medical operations in the West of Libya 06/07/2021 06/21/2021 PDF icon LY21-146.pdf
RFQ LY21-162 Arrangements for a training workshop in Benghazi 06/17/2021 06/20/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-162.pdf
RFQ LY21-157 (Provision of Laptops) 06/16/2021 06/18/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-157.pdf
RFQ LY21-144 Provision of equipment - Benghazi 06/07/2021 06/16/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-144.pdf
RFQ LY21-145 Provision of equipment to Bodreessa school in Benghazi 06/07/2021 06/16/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-145.pdf