The International Organization for Migration established its operations in Libya in 2006 and is active and present with more than 150 staff in the east, west and south of the country. IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix monitors displacement and migration trends, which data and analysis aim to provide an evidence base to facilitate targeted humanitarian interventions. Through its guidance, IOM is able to tailor a comprehensive response to the humanitarian needs of migrants, internally displaced, returnee populations and host communities. 

Co-chairing the Mixed Migration Working Group with UNHCR, IOM is taking the lead on responding to the urgent need of humanitarian assistance related to the country’s migration crisis. The Mediterranean crossing between Libya and Italy is often described as one of the most dangerous migratory routes in the world.

Present at the disembarkation points, IOM assists rescued migrants with health assistance, psychosocial support and humanitarian direct assistance such as provision of hygiene kits and clothes. By working closely with the Libyan authorities, particularly with the detention centre management, IOM is also working to enhance living conditions for detained migrants through rehabilitation of the detention centre facilities, human rights training of staff, health assistance, psychosocial support and humanitarian direct assistance. IOM is also expanding its Voluntary Humanitarian Return programme to support up to 12,000 stranded migrants return home in 2017, of which the most vulnerable are eligible to reintegration assistance. Acknowledging the challenges facing the internally displaced and returnee populations, as well as the host communities, IOM remains the only agency with international presence in southern Libya through its growing community stabilization programme, which has been welcomed by the southern region’s diverse local tribes and communities. All across the country, IOM assists the IDPs, returnees and host communities through humanitarian direct assistance, recreational activities, and a variety of other actions.

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