Published Date Closing Date Document
RFQ-LY21-184 for supply and installation of ventilation system at Tripoli DC's 07/16/2021 07/30/2021 PDF icon LY21-184 SAR ventilation system.pdf, PDF icon BoQ for Aboslem DC_Ventilation works.pdf, PDF icon B.O.Q for Tariq Asseqa DC_Ventilation (1).pdf
RFQ-LY21-182 for supply and installation Generators 07/16/2021 07/30/2021 PDF icon LY21-182 SAR and IBM 7 Generators.pdf
RFQ_LY21-185 _Provision and Installation of prefabricated Isolation unit in Jarma Health Clinic 07/16/2021 07/30/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY 21-185 _Provision and Installation of prefabricated Isolation unit in Jarma Health Clinic.pdf
RFQ_LY21-190 Protection AVM training to DCIM 1 (31July-1Aug) 07/26/2021 07/27/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-190.pdf
RFQ-LY21-181 _ 150 KVA Generator for Sabha Theatre 07/15/2021 07/26/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-181.pdf
LY21-183 for Maintenance works at Tripoli main Port -DP 07/16/2021 07/26/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-183 Rehab works at Tripoli Mani Port -DP.pdf
RFQ_LY21-178 Medical supplies, equipment and furniture for setting up medical clinic in Kufra 07/12/2021 07/25/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-177.pdf
RFQ LY21-186 Dead Body Management Training Ajdabiya municipality & AlBayda municipality 07/16/2021 07/20/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-186.pdf
LY21-173 DTM round 38 expression of interest 07/12/2021 07/18/2021 File DTM Round 38 Expression of Interest.rar
RFQ LY21-148 -for Supply and Installation of 1 prefabricated isolation unit at Tarhouna Hospital 07/02/2021 07/15/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-148 01Jul21.pdf
RFQ_LY21-143 - SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF Non-Food Items and Hygiene Kits – Long Term agreement (LTA) 07/08/2021 07/15/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-143_DEADLINE EXTENSION.pdf
RFQ LY21-177 Provision of ICT supplies 07/10/2021 07/15/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-177.pdf
RFQ_LY21-132-LTA Provision of Vehicle for IOM Tripoli and Benghazi Offices 06/30/2021 07/15/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-132 LTA_Provision of Vehicle for IOM Tripoli and Benghazi Offic....pdf
LY21-171 Training of Trainers for Sabha Youth 06/27/2021 07/12/2021 PDF icon RFP LY21-171 TOT for Sabha Youth.pdf
LY21-168 - Request For Quotations with General Instructions to Suppliers 06/28/2021 07/09/2021 PDF icon RFQ with GIS-LY21-168.pdf
RFQ LY21-152 - Provision of NFI for MRRM 06/10/2021 07/07/2021 PDF icon LY21-152.pdf, PDF icon Technical specs.pdf
RFQ LY21-172 CTG Office Renovation at Benghazi 06/29/2021 07/05/2021 PDF icon RFQ LY21-172_CTG Office Renovation at Benghazi.pdf
RFQ_LY21-163 Arrangements for an Online Regional TOT training in Tripoli 06/22/2021 07/03/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-163.pdf
RFQ_LY21-169 - 3 training workshops in in Tripoli, Azzawya and Misrata 06/26/2021 06/30/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-169.pdf
RFQ LY21-156 Supply and installation of Fire Extinguishers for 9 DCs in the East 06/15/2021 06/26/2021 PDF icon RFQ_LY21-156.pdf