IOM is mapping protection services available to vulnerable migrants with particular emphasis on victims of trafficking (VoTs), Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMC), migrants with serious medical conditions (including HIV/AIDS), and other categories of those at-risk. Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) will be developed in conjunction with all identified stakeholders on assisting vulnerable migrants, drawing upon global standards and recent developments in the field.

For vulnerable migrants outside of detention centres, IOM is establishing and provide access to migrant community networks for early identification of vulnerable migrants and provision of referral services to those in need. IOM will continue to advocate for the regularization of migrants’ status, alternatives to detention, and improved access to basic services, including health.

IOM is developing and disseminating multi-media campaigns that transmit messages regarding safe migration practices and the dangers of irregular migration. Campaigns will raise awareness meant to discourage the very productive smuggling and trafficking activities that have spilled over into Libya especially from the southern desert of Niger. These campaigns will complement similar activities in the north of the country regarding irregular journeys on the Central Mediterranean Sea routes.