• Bangladeshi Migrants, Including Mizdah Attack Survivors, Return Home

    Dhaka – This week (30/09), 164 migrants arrived home on a Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) flight from Libya. Aboard the charter, which landed at Dhaka’s Hazarat Shajalal International Airport (HSIA), were nine survivors of the tragic shooting in the Libyan town of Mizdah, where on 27 May, 30 migrants—including 26 Bangladeshis—were shot and killed in a smuggling warehouse. 

  • First IOM Libya Voluntary Return Charter in Five Months Assists Over 100 Ghanaian Migrants

    Tripoli – One hundred and eighteen Ghanaian migrants stranded in Libya due to COVID-19 restrictions boarded a flight home yesterday, IOM’s first Voluntary Humanitarian Return Programme movement since a temporary hold began five months ago.  

  • IOM Deplores Killing of Two Migrants Returned from Sea to Libya

    Geneva- Two Sudanese migrants were killed and three others injured in a shooting at the Khums disembarkation point last night in Libya, after being intercepted at sea and returned to shore by the coast guard.

  • IOM Libya Annual Report 2019

    In 2019, humanitarian work in Libya faced growing operational challenges presented by persistent political instability and protracted armed conflicts. The eighth year since the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in 2011 was marked by an increase in political instability triggered by renewed armed conflict in and around Tripoli that commenced in April 2019. This resulted in further deterioration of public services and destruction of infrastructure, adding to the persistent economic downturn faced by Libya since 2012. 

  • IOM Deplores Killing of 30 Trafficked Migrants in Libya

    Geneva- The International Organization for Migration (IOM) deplores the killing of 30 migrants in a shooting yesterday (27/05) involving a trafficker in Libya.  

  • Conflict and the COVID-19 Pandemic Present a Significant Threat to Life in Libya

    Geneva- Conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic present a significant threat to life in Libya.  The health and safety of the country’s entire population are at risk. 

  • Migrants Missing in Libya a Matter of Gravest Concern

    Geneva – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) expresses grave concerns for the fate of hundreds of migrants returned to Libya by the coast guard this year who are now unaccounted for. 

  • IOM Libya COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan


    IOM Libya aims to contribute to the overall objective of the IOM COVID-19 Global Preparedness and Response Plan to halt further transmission and mitigate the impact of the outbreak. All planned activities are in line with the Global HRP and the IASC Interim Guidance on COVID-19 with focus on persons deprived of liberty.

  • Migrants Flee as Tripoli’s Port Shelled

    Dozens of migrants held at Tripoli’s main port since yesterday fled the facility as it was being shelled early Friday morning.   

  • Libya Considers Its Ports Unsafe for the Disembarkation of Migrants

    Geneva- Approximately 280 migrants who were intercepted today and returned to Libya, remain on the overcrowded coast guard vessel, as Libyan authorities refuse to let them disembark.