Together with local Libyan partners IOM Libya has established medical teams in different areas all over the country to cover a significant number of migrants in detention centres, as well as those who were rescued at sea. Primarily, the medical teams offer medical consultations and treatment. In addition, numerous critical medical cases which whether needed specialized or urgent medical interventions, have been referred to IOM who secured their transfer to the nearest health clinic and provision of the necessary medical services in a timely manner. The medical cases could include cirrhosis, preterm labor and birth, displaced fracture, immune deficiency, malnutrition etc.

In order to improve living conditions, migrants’ health and prevent the spread of communicable diseases, IOM is also carrying out several interventions in the detention centres including disinfection and fumigation and enhancement of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services.

IOM carries health awareness, promotion and disease prevention activities, including STIs, HIV/AIDS, and TB, as well as capacity building of different actors in the field (governmental and nongovernmental) to warranty an increased understanding of the migrants’ health needs and risks and the provision of the right tools and strong capabilities to respond to them.

IOM has also established prefabricated clinics at the disembarkation points and refurbished many clinics within detention centers to guarantee the humanely medical assistance to migrants.

IOM provides as well, pre-departure medical screening to the voluntary returnees and medical escorts during the humanitarian repatriation.