IOM Restores Community Theatre to Promote Social Cohesion in Sabha, Southern Libya

Sabha – This Sunday (26 September), the People’s Municipal Theatre in the southern city of Sabha reopened after being fully restored and equipped by the International Organization for Migration (...

جدّدت المنظمة الدولية للهجرة مسرح سبها الشعبي لتعزيز التماسك الاجتماعي في جنوب ليبيا

سبها –  يوم الأحد (26 سبتمبر)، أعيد افتتاح المسرح البلدي الشعبي في مدينة سبها الجنوبية بعد أن تم ترميمه وتجهيزه بالكامل من قِبَل المنظمة الدولية للهجرة بالتعاون مع...

IOM strengthens border management cooperation between Libya and its neighbours through improved protection of vulnerable migrants

Tripoli— A regional workshop ‘An integrated approach to rights-based border management in crisis situations in Libya and its neighbouring countries’, co-chaired by the Libyan Government of...

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Displacement Tracking Matrix

DTM Libya was established in late 2015 following several displacement waves produced by conflict since 2011, with the purpose of providing accurate and timely baseline data and trends on the locations and movements of IDPs, returnees and migrants.
DTM is composed of Mobility Tracking, and Flow Monitoring modules and a Maritime Incidents Database. The data and analysis and results produced by DTM is used to support targeted and evidence-based humanitarian assistance and advocacy. More info
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