As the UN Migration Agency, IOM is increasingly called upon by States to assist in addressing complex border management challenges and act with its partners in the international community to assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management. 

The Immigration and Border Management (IBM) team benefits from a core group of specialists with substantial technical knowledge who offer guidance and expertise to governments aspiring to improve their migration and border management, and operational procedures. IBM is directed at helping governments create policy, legislation, administrative structures, operational systems and provides the human resources necessary to respond effectively to diverse migration challenges and to introduce efficient migration governance. 

Libya continues to face multiple challenges related to management of its borders, especially in the southern desert area. While work is underway for defining the future comprehensive integrated border management system to be introduced in the country, Libyan border management authorities remain challenged by difficulties related to availability of adequate border infrastructure, equipment, efficient procedures and tailored training programmes. 

IOM, together with relevant international stakeholders, works with Libyan border authorities to enhance their strategic, operational and technical capacities through supporting the development of policy framework and by providing capacity building and training, improving infrastructure and providing specialized adequate equipment. In April 2020, IOM Libya signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya, framing their willingness to further cooperate and coordinate activities towards enhancing the assistance provided to Libyan authorities in the area of integrated border management.