In the framework of Migration Management for Libyan Authorities to Identify and Register Migrants project, IOM now invites Expression of Interest from Companies/Service Providers
for the development and installation of a registration system for migrants at disembarkation points and in detention centers (refer to Terms of reference).
This document contains instructions on the preparation and submission of the Applicationincluding Annex A: Bidder’s Information.

1. The Application must be submitted either by hand or though mail in sealed envelope to IOM with office address at Hay Al Kuwait, Janzour, Tripoli Libya or alternatively at no later than 10 December 2019 Late Application will no longer be considered.




TORs_Development of Registration System_v2

Request for Expression of Interest (REI) LY 19-060 _Development of Migrants Registration System




Date Publish: 
Tuesday, December 3, 2019