One 13-Year-Old’s Story from the World’s Most Dangerous Migration Route

Growing up poor in West Africa, thirteen-year-old Jonathan* fantasied about bringing his family to Italy. He dreamt of becoming a professional football player, earning a lot of money and eventually having enough to bring them all to Europe.

“I would like to play for Juventus!”

When an opportunity to leave for Europe presented itself, Jonathan took it. Paying around USD 900 to smugglers, he began the nearly 7,000 kilometer journey from Senegal in a 4x4 truck, through Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and lastly, from southern to northern Libya.

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Second Chances: Nigerian Returnees Get Helping Hand to Start Over Again

In early June 2016, IOM Libya received a call from Michael, a Nigerian national who told IOM that his brother John was being held at a detention centre in Libya. With nowhere else to turn, Michael asked IOM to find his brother.

IOM eventually located John at the Az Zawiyah detention centre, where he had ended up after having spent five months in Libya, during which he also spent two weeks at Abu Salim detention centre.

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